Friday, 10 November 2006

my poor little computer

is at the menders! We think one of the children posted something into the front of it, as disks will no longer go all the way in. Hubby took it to the Mac shop and they said they would need to send it away - for 2 weeks!!! I am missing it so much, even though I wansn't blogging much myself this past few weeks, reading other peoples blogs, ebay, the forum I visit, I miss you all and much more!

Hope to be back with you soon, and I can make brief visits to the library or local internet cafe if the cravingss get too much!

Thursday, 2 November 2006

so it's November

...let's go to the beach again.

we have had some lovely weather this week, and this morning at 9am I had a surprise phonecall from a friend asking if we wanted a day trip to West Wales, as she was driving over alone. we jumped at the chance. After a hurried search for car baby seats and boosters - under the stairs and in the larder of course - and another phonecall ('I'll be there in 10 minutes" - eek!!!) we were all dressed and ready for the off (just about!) by the time she arrived.

we are pretty lucky in having beaches close by, our nearest is about a 30 minute drive(see last post!), and todays journey took just under 2 hours. (including a toilet stop of course doesn't everything). I should really live by a beach though, I need to, I totally love it, at any time of year, it is so beautiful, and I would love to live somewhere where I could see and hear the sea every day.

anyway, the kids loved it too. The beach was pretty quiet, and we walked around the harbour and along the harbour wall to see the boats, some were on dry land as you can see.

and, once refuelled with chips and cake and candyfloss, a warm sunny November day without a breath of wind is just the time for a spot more paddling...