Friday, 23 May 2008

trip to the beach

My love of the seaside has meant it is never very long before my babies get to see the sea. This has to be one of our favourite beaches too, it has rockpools, nice smooth sand when the tide is out, (although an alarmingly quickly incoming tide!) and an exciting hidden walled garden with heavy weathered gates and turreted walls, great for hiding and chasing about in.

We spied this garden display belonging to the little house right next to the sea, how did we miss it before? One day I want to live by the sea just so I can have a wall like this!

Isla was not phased by all this though, cosy in her sling, she just came for the ride!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

what shall i call this - blimey a post???!!!!

Thought I would share some most recent gifts, it was my birthday on Monday, a pretty jar of buttons, arranged in rows of colours, a gift from Julia (thank you!) and a hand spun and handmade bracelet, a gift from non blogging (yet - though she should!) kirsten - thank you too! (fabric behind and on top of jar is from Julias recent trip to London, I must let her do a guest blog in the next few days and tell you all about it!)

Baby Born keeps freaking me out, Esme has taken to dressing her in the babys clothes, borrowing the moses basket and putting baby born in it, leaving her lying on the floor, that kind of thing. You can see why, they are pretty similar!!

I haven't fallen off the edge of the planet after all. here I am. And its not the babys fault, its my stupid Internet provider. it mostly isn't working. roll on June, and hopefully a smooth switch over (another) to someone better.