Tuesday, 30 September 2008


I was inspired by some ric rac coasters I saw on whipup to make some for myself. I had already been thinking I would make some quilted ones from this lovely tree mushroom squirrel fabric. I cut rough squares, hand sewed them and stuffed them with a piece of old woollen blanket to make them able to withstand lots of heat. I found it tricky to get the ricrac round the edge, I think I was probably doing it wrong (I didnt read the tutorial!), but they turned out sweet and make me smile and only took an evening to make.

Monday, 29 September 2008

cake day

Chocolate chip cookies, Lemon syrup cake, Praline cake, Devon apple cake and a carrot.

A few days ago we had a long-missed cake day round at my house. We used to do this more frequently but have got out of the habit!

It involves everyone baking the day before, then bringing a cake to share, and we sit about and chat and drink tea, all day. There were the usual cake day group of friends plus a few newbies as my sitting room isnt too big, but we have lost some original members to full-time employment. We had a little collection for the Christian Aid Mad Hatters Tea Party (like we needed an excuse to eat cake!) I also made cheese scones for lunch, one friend brought round fresh chives for these and another bought olives - the carrots were for the babies!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

tree report

Over the summer a flock of beautiful birds have made a new home for themselves in my little fabric tree. The branches are rather crowded but no-one seems to mind. The bird pattern was from ....

and here is the progress of the weather tree after almost a month. I think I could have picked the colours better in hindsight. I will continue this year and change them for next year I think.

And Esme has been thinking about trees too, she drew this one last week.