Wednesday, 25 July 2007

exciting mail

We got exciting mail for the whole family this week, a really big parcel from family in Northern Ireland, with presents for all our summer birthdays.

I have to show you what I got, the really funky felt ring above, and oven gloves from Emma Bridgewater,

lots of scrummy and bright fabric,

a new cath kidston-esque oilcloth bag, and my favourite, a new Japanese book, Cafe Kids.

Lucky me! now, to decide what to make.

Monday, 23 July 2007

birthday weekend

another birthday weekend, and now I am mother to a six year old. imagine.

Monday, 16 July 2007


When I wrote the last post I didnt realise that in only a few days, the head-count would be 42!! Again, I havent been on ebay, but a kind friend who I mentioned my playmobil man pursuits to, offered me a great big box (and a big bag) overflowing with all sorts of forts, garages and so on. the kids have had great fun and have played with nothing else in the house for days. I love hand-me-down toys, Thanks Kirsten!!!

I haven't been blogging much the last week, life sometimes takes over, nothing bad or drastic, we have just been busy with the everyday stuff.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

A strange thing has been happening in my house this week. Men have been appearing from nowhere. Last week I searched for 'vintage playmobil people' on ebay. I was watching them, but didnt bid on any and didnt buy any.

Throughout this week these little men have been turning up around the house, I didn't know we had them, and they weren't all in one place, they just seem to keep popping up.

So far we have 4....

Monday, 2 July 2007

brighten my day

It is still raining here (no light, as you can see) so I thought I would change my tree to cheer me up. I love wrapping things in fabric, and the tree is now so bright and colourful, my favourite incarnation of my little ikea tree so far!

Sunday, 1 July 2007

10 things

A couple of days ago I discovered the :10 things flickr group via happythings flickr pages. I don't know of you have heard of it (seems to have been going a while) but basically you post 10 photos a month to the group pool, photos of things you are grateful for, things that have made you happy, things that inspire you. There is also a 10 things blog that was the inspiration for the group. I thought I would join in for a few months at least, as a mini challenge to myself. June was tricky, as I joined the group with only about 26 hours of the month left, but I think I posted 9 photos, and now seems a good time to begin properly, on the 1st of July. why dont you join too?

Other stuff, I have completed 2 more blocks on my Grandmothers Patchwork Quilt, the geese, and finally finishing the embroidery on the cockerel. The bottom picture is all I have finished so far, so you can see how it is coming along.

(double click on photos to see them bigger.)