Saturday, 26 April 2008

busy little blackbird

From my sitting room window I have been watching this female blackbird collecting materials to build her nest. She has chosen a beautiful spot, deep among the flowering clematis right next to the window. We cannot see the nest, and I am guessing now she is getting ready, or maybe even sitting on her eggs already, as I have only seen Mr Blackbird the last few days, taking mouthfuls of worms to the nest.I am hoping soon to see baby blackbirds taking their first flights, how lovely.

And here is my newest little bird, we have named her Isla, after much pondering, choosing names is so hard. I have been enjoying dressing her in the nighties that I wore when I was newborn - they have lasted well!

Friday, 18 April 2008

She's arrived!

Yes, the moses basket has a new resident! We have a beautiful baby girl, born at home on Monday evening.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

quick, sew!

After seeing the lovely job Kisskus did on her moses basket, I decided maybe I would have one too this time. I won the basket on ebay last week for a bargain £3.80, and immediately ordered myself some scrummy japanese fabric. I admit to blatantly copying the simple style of basket cover from kisskus, hope she doesnt mind. I also decided to make a miniquilt to go with it, using every last scrap of my japanese fabric, and joining it with some of my favourite green linen fabric, which goes on forever (but is hard to sew with, as it has so much movement.)I also stole the idea for the strip of patchwork down the quilt from someone in blogland, and when I rediscover who it was I shall ask their permission and give credit!! (was it you???!!!) so, in 2 days i completed this fun task, and I am pleased with how it turned out. All ready now!

Today, Weirdbunny - my guest blog writer!

(no news on the baby front yet!)

Hello Weirdbunny here.

Thankfully Hannah has let me invade her blog just for today to showcase the wonderful bunny I received from Suzie Sews. Yes I've finished my blog, but I just had to let everyone see the bunny Suzie made me as part of an Easter Swap we did. Thank you Suzie !
Julia x

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

38 weeks

I was taking a few pics of the nearly completed bathroom at the weekend and decided it was about time I had a photo of me during this pregnancy! so here we are, 38 weeks and hoping baby will come anytime now.

Oh and this is the bathroom, the walls are a kind of grey, with the bottom half tiled with big white brick shape tiles. it needs some other stuff on the walls too, like a mirror and maybe some sort of art over the bath, as its a bit plain at the moment. other than that, its turned out really well. Oh, need some new towels too.

and another one of me, dont you just love stretchy dungees!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Laurie has been drawing some great things this Easter holiday, especially birds. He drew his Nana a card with a jackdaw on for her birthday last week, and it was the beginning of many more bird pictures. I especially liked this little blue one.