Tuesday, 19 August 2008

so excited

...to receive this in the post!

It is a weather tree, and I and my sister in law Red Rapunzel have been searching for this poster for 5 years since we first saw one. We were staying in Ilam hall youth hostel and there was one in the shop window, but it was the only copy and not for sale. since then we have been unable to track one down, and after many phone calls to the YHA I had all but given up. But she has managed to track them down and buy one for me too! And, on what I think is a new website, you can buy one for yourself here.

You assign a different colour for each type of weather condition, and then each day of the year you colour in one leaf according to the weather, we are going to use watercolour pencils. So you eventually get a pictoral record of a whole years weather. you can start at any time during the year, we started ours yesterday.