Sunday, 27 September 2009

Micro beer festival

Last weekend my husband had a gig with his ukulele band at a lovely little beer festival. It had a lovely atmosphere and lots of chilled out crafty kids. It was at some artists studios, and we had a lovely day.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Today I ate 1000 cupcakes

(awaiting photos!!)

Well ok, so maybe not 1000, but a good few! This week is National Cupcake Week, so really, it was the least I could do. We have a tradition of Cake Day among some of my friends here, so we had the perfect excuse. It is such a lovely way to catch up with each other, relax and let our children hang out together, and even to get some new garden furniture built. I must take photos of that too, as this is a really random stream-of-consciousness post without pics!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

tibetan prayer flags

After seeing this different take on a type of bunting, I knew we had to make some. So, one rainy summer day we set to cutting squares from my extensive scraps collection. the children drew images to do with summer using fabric marker pens on some old calico curtain fabric, then we sewed them together, sometimes with a line of stitching, other times using buttons or beads.
I also made a 'summertime' stamp in three pieces on three tiny erasers and stamped some squares with those.

This is how I would like more of our free time to be spent, all happily crafting away, but so often more time is spent setting up and then tidying up afterwards. The girls especially really liked doing this though and it kept us busy for most of the day! And Lucie revealed herself to be a talented little seamstress, sewing more than her elder brother and sister put together, unfortunately I didn't have the camera out then, and just realised I havent got any pics of the finished flags, now they are all hung up.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

summer in a tent

The summer holidays always involve lots of camping trips, long weekends and weeks away, festivals and camps with groups and with friends. We have taken all the children since they were tiny, Lucie was 7 weeks old on her first camping trip. They always seem to sleep better too, all that fresh air and fun!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

in no particular order

Fancied a return to blogging. no really. I was never any good at keeping a diary either. And Blogger is as good a place as any, what made me think a different host would make any difference? so i return. so here we are a diary of sorts. to inspire me. day-to-day. and to share. This photo is one of many from our summer holidays - collecting conkers in August. Autumn is here before we blinked in the summer sun it seems.

a few tree moments.