Monday, 29 September 2008

cake day

Chocolate chip cookies, Lemon syrup cake, Praline cake, Devon apple cake and a carrot.

A few days ago we had a long-missed cake day round at my house. We used to do this more frequently but have got out of the habit!

It involves everyone baking the day before, then bringing a cake to share, and we sit about and chat and drink tea, all day. There were the usual cake day group of friends plus a few newbies as my sitting room isnt too big, but we have lost some original members to full-time employment. We had a little collection for the Christian Aid Mad Hatters Tea Party (like we needed an excuse to eat cake!) I also made cheese scones for lunch, one friend brought round fresh chives for these and another bought olives - the carrots were for the babies!


Cele said...

Oh they look scrumptious. Wish my friends could bake like that!
Any chance of a few of the recipes?

KP said...

They look very tasty I could just eat one now with my cup of hot water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!