Monday, 6 October 2008

small things of beauty

I have to show you this moss.

It grows on a wall I walk past most days. I first noticed it on a really really rainy day, I was walking home up the hill, pushing the baby in her pushchair, with my toddler by my side walking, and we were drenched, to the point where I had just decided we couldnt get any wetter.

We slowed down to a stroll, and looked around about us, and there was this moss, luminous against the dark, nearly black-wet stones of the wall. It was so green and soft and velvet and lovely, and we just stood and looked at it and touched it.

Now I cannot walk past without touching its loveliness, and I may not have even seen it had we not got so wet.


Jackie said...

Wonderful picture! It really looks gorgeous.

Suzie Sews said...

Beautiful picture.
PS Say hi to Weird bunny from me please, tell her we miss her in blogland...

Cele said...

This is so beautiful and such a bright colour of green.

Mirre said...

I love moss and this is particularly beautiful!
How are you and your lovely family?