Monday, 10 September 2007

day out in Bath

The collection of a new ebay purchase, a 3 wheeler pushchair to replace my old broken-on-holidays one, meant a happily impromptu trip to Bath at the weekend.

We were on a cost cutting mission - free things to do while you are waiting for a pick-up time to arrive, so we headed over to Victoria park. Its lovely, big with lots of room to run around, and we even managed to avoid the man-made climbing/slide 'childrens area'. The children played in the trees and on the big stone gateways, chased each other, lay on the grass, and collected the first signs of autumn.

Of course we had to have a little trip into the shops, for drinks and cake, and we managed to find this beautiful little shop that Julia had told me about after her last trip to Bath, it has a cool wall of cuckoo clocks, and loads of pretty things. I was very good and just looked around, but I can tell I will be heading back there again!


Ali said...

We get a child free weekend in Bath once a year. I'll have to look out for that shop - looks right up my street.

Eren said...

Oh, it all sounds wonderful...a shop named Hansel and Gretel, cake, drinks...mmm. And your autumn leaf photo is a good reminder to myself this morning that fall IS coming. It is so hot here still in Virginia.

weirdbunny said...

Oh you never told me you found that shop !! Did you go down stars and have hot chocolate and apple strudel? That is so my favourite shop !