Friday, 22 February 2008

blue skies

Another week (or two) and no posts, oh dear. been busy, the children were home last week on half term, we had a lovely chill-out week, and the weather was really good to us, resulting in some al fresco eating of lunch, in the park and at home.
(there should be a pic of lunch here but blogger doesnt like it and refuses to load it!)
One day we had some friends big and small round for a clay-day, which was great fun for all of us.

I really must also announce the winner of the oops magazine freebie, which was...

mijk of mijk improves, picked out by Esme "Milk, it says milk mum, oh no, thats a J, it says...(followed by a long silence)...". she got confused by the name that looked like neither English or Welsh! So, another parcel to Mijk, as I noticed she just won Julias 300th post freebie too!!! lucky girl! I will get the parcel in the post as soon as I can.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Lucky Mijk! Can I come round for a clay day too? Looks like my idea of heaven!

lucy x

weirdbunny said...

Oh I sent my parcel to mijk today. I was surprised at how good the postage costs to Norway was.

Jackie said...

I just got your comment on my blog that you are my partner for the Easter Bunny Swap! That's great, although I have not received any of your info from Lucy. I'm sorry to say I don't have your e-mail either. I hope to receive it all soon. In the meantime, I have been enjoying your blog!

Mijk said...

Don't send my mag to norway!!! I am indeed lucky. I have sometimes thought to schange myt nick because it is a bit weird that most of my readers can't even read it. But it is very close to me and it has other benefits too! Thank your daugheter a million! it is fun to confuse a welsh girl I have been very confused in wales so it is fun to be the confuser..