Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter!

Hi, I am of course back home, blogging very infrequently again I am afraid, still trying to finish the bathroom, and every other room in the house seems to be affected too, you start moving one thing around.... Hubby laughs and says I am nesting. 4 weeks to go until baby is due - not long now thank goodness. I also lost my camera lead, have found it now though. wanted to share a great book I bought at the nursery booksale recently, Henny Penny. Does anyone remember it? It is such a reminder of childhood for me, look at the picture story inside!

We made Easter hats the other day, the children wore them today proudly. they involved lots of pens and glue and general stickiness - great fun!

Is anyone else having trouble uploading pictures to blogger? I cant seem to load a single picture easily since about christmas, it takes ages and sometimes just doesnt seem to load at all, so I have to keep cancelling. It doesnt like it if I put on more than one photo at a time either. Its driving me mad! (had to backdate this post a whole day as pics wouldnt upload at all!)

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Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your book looks lovely! and you must be getting so excited with only 4 weeks to go! Can't wait to see the new arrival! Lucy x