Friday, 6 February 2009

Button Your Eyes

Tuesdays snowman must have known about this, a new film Coraline that is out this week in the US, not sure when it comes to the UK, soon I hope. After first reading about it at Craftzine blog I have spent the evening watching trailers and playing with the website and looking at the boxes they sent out to 50 different blog sites to promote the film. check it out, it looks really cool. It is stop frame animation, and has lots of crafty things, tiny knitting, sewing, circus mice, cool music including a song by They might be Giants, and of course buttons! you can download the button poster(above) and several others from their site, you can find it in one of the pictures in the sitting room of the house. I am going to frame mine and put it on the wall, its slighty creepy, but I like it.


anamama said...

Love your new banner. You so must must tell me how to do it! It was great to see you all at the weekend. Looking forward to seeing you very soon. XXX

Cele said...

Cute new banner.Can't wait for Coraline. Bought the book last week.