Tuesday, 3 February 2009

snow day

Esme's mini snowman.

Please bear with us if you live somewhere snowy, but it doesn't happen much here, today it snowed! We made a big snowman, bigger than the children, and some mini-ones, threw lots of snowballs, and sledged down the main road, as there were no cars and the roads were snowed over. Then back into the house for homemade soup and homemade bread, and to warm up in front of a cosy log fire.

I am regretting throwing out my wellies a few weeks ago, my shoes aren't really up to snow play, being open on top and smooth underneath, which is kind of skiddy when pushing big snowman body parts and at the same time carrying a 9 month old in a sling. all good fun though, now the gloves and hats are drying out, I wonder if there will be any snow left to play in tomorrow?


Jackie said...

Cute snowman! We are getting lots today.

Cele said...

Lucky you. We had only had horrid rain and I still managed to fall and spain my ankle.

anamama said...

Cute snowman. Love what you did with the buttons. Do you still have snow?

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