Thursday, 1 February 2007


not much has been happening round these parts. one child has been sick, but other than that life has just been pretty humdrum. So I will share some recent shopping finds (because theres always something new in that department). I am not sure what fairy story these new russian dollies are telling, if any, but I thought they were cute and the shop is closing down, so they were half price too. There is a grandfather, a grandmother, a chicken and an egg. any ideas? oh, just thought is it the one where the couple get a hen (or goose?) that lays golden eggs so they will be rich forever?? its all a bit fuzzy though, anyone know any more of the story? here they all are

ok, now you know the kind of person who spends all her remaining money on a new purse, well that is me.

I treated myself to this yesterday, even though I was going to get one before christmas and was talked out of it by my friend Julia. (mainly when she found out how much they were!!!) anyway, I am not going to disclose that as my mum reads this blog and she will surely tell me off. I kept seeing it, and if i had not bought it yesterday, it would bug me forever every time I see it there in the shop.

And it is pretty sweet, it even has cute lining, look, and pom pom trim, and ribbon...

lastly I wanted to share this with you all, I saw it today in Caerphilly and had to buy a bar just to try. and it is nice, very weird, but nice all the same.

Chocolate with lavender. it has real lavender essence in it, and good dark chocolate. it is really lavender-y, and pretty nice. I wish I had had my camera with me too so I could have taken some pictures of the castle, we had lunch in a cafe opposite and I had a direct view of the castle, complete with geese and passing horses, fantastic!


Lindsey said...

Your new purse is really lovely and I think all that will bug you now is spending money out of it :)

weirdbunny said...

I need those russian dolls !!!!
What a fantastic find !!!!
Can't beleive you bought the purse though. Can't beleive I didn't talk you out of it for good !! lol ..
Lavender chocolate sounds yummy, fairtrade too... well done Hannah.

anamama said...

Love your new purse! For ideas for your dollies I suggest you consult Jeff Japers (full of ideas, I bet!)