Sunday, 4 February 2007

mini eggs and updates

will someone please take these mini eggs away from me!!! I cannot stop eating them, I have munched through nearly the whole bag, and it was a big bag!!!

I bought them on offer last week, 3 for 2, to put away for easter baking with the children, but the packets were calling me and I had to open one. I hope I will be able to resist the yells of the other bags.

I have been updating my sidebars tonight (while munching mini eggs) and have swapped some of my links. I plan to keep refreshing these every month for a little variety, so the ones you see now will be there for February. I havent forgotten you other people who I have moved, I will still visit, but I have so many bookmarked as favourites that this will keep more to mind I hope.

we have had a lovely weekend, went to brecon yesterday and mooched around fabric, antique furniture and second-hand bookstores. today has been much colder and Country File tells us that snow is on its way, I do hope so!!


anamama said...

Every time I see these mini eggs I think of you!

African Kelli said...

yummmm! I love me some of those mini eggs! They are so darned good!

Anonymous said...

oh, mini eggs have been my favorite candy since... 1988? my mom sends me some for my birthday (march) every year. i try not to buy (too) many - i have no self control with mini eggs!

Anonymous said...

See I can't do the 3 for 2 offer on the eggs because they wouldn't last til Easter in our house either :)

Gina said...

mmm yummy : )

Berber said...

Aaaaah, how can you post photos of mini-eggs when I'm on a diet?!!!

I love these, but thankfully they're very expensive to come by over here!