Tuesday, 27 February 2007

postcards and birthdays

I thought I would share some of the postcards I bought for myself from the Museum of Childhood last week. I like to buy postcards of nice things to put on my pinboard by the computer for me to look at as I sit here, much better than bare wall dont you think?

The top one above is of six cardboard dolls with wooden legs, designed by Hilda Cowham from 1914/15. I like that they have names: Demure Dora, Little Miss Folly, Mademoiselle, Motherly Molly, Nurse Nora and Saucy Sally!

Next is this fish, I am sure we had one of these, or someone did, in my childhood. I can remember the feel of it in my hand, it felt smooth and comfy to hold, snug. anyway, it is a plastic bath toy fish designed by Patrick Rylands in 1968.

I also had to get this one of Jemima, from Play School, a tv show we used to watch in the 70's. nice to see her again.

I did also buy some Miffy cards, they are some you can colour in yourself and I have a plan for them, when I get around to it (best not to hold your breath), I am not being very productive craft wise at the moment.

Yesterday was Andrews birthday, here is the yummy cake I made, chocolate in the extreme, thanks to my friend Lucy lending me her cocoa powder. do you know, in the little town I live in, which does have limited shops, but by way of food shops it has a marks and spencer, an iceland, a somerfield, and 3 health food shops, you cant actually buy cocoa powder?? How rubbish is that?

Is it only me who bakes? tsssk.


weirdbunny said...

seeing the jemima postcard makes me so happy !!! Playschool wasn't it fab !!!

anamama said...

Yum, yum cake!

Emma said...

Hi there! Thanks for listing me as one of you "most recently discovered nice blogs"! And also, I had one of those fish when I was little, and I think it's still around somewhere...