Thursday, 26 April 2007

birds nest and cake time again!

Last night I was tidying my house like mad in an attempt to make it visitor-worthy. In among the general house debris that builds up, I found this bird that I made last year, crocheted out of fabric, but what struck me was that my bird had found herself a nest!

She was sitting in another crochet project, this time made out of crocheted plastic bags. It will one day become a bag like this one by my Sister-in-law, or I was thinking, perhaps a funky waste basket. So far though, it is only about 5 inches high, and waiting for me to cut, tie and ball up more plastic bags ready to crochet.

For now, it makes an ideal, colour co-ordinated nest though, dont you think???

All my tidying was in preparation for our 3rd Cake day, this time at my house. As hostess I didn't have to make a cake, but I did make lunch; lots of cheeses, biscuits, salad, fruit and other nibbles. There were 5 of us today, and 4 children. We had a lovely day as the sun came out and we spent nearly all day out in the garden while the children played around us and we chatted, drank tea and nibbled cake.

Today we had Banana cake, Orange and Lemon cake, Wheat-free Chocolate cake and Coffee and Walnut cake. Yum.

click on the pic to see it bigger.

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