Monday, 23 April 2007


Friday was T-day! I went over to my friend Julias house and we had tea (and later coffee - is that allowed?!) and biscuits. She has much prettier teacups than me, more photogenic! Oh and has anyone seen my saucers, as they are not in my cupboard, not one of them. Anyway, we drank some of the tea Bonny from Canada sent to me in her swap parcel, I just realised I only put photos on flickr and didn't show on here (I think I was saving it for now). She sent me loads of goodies anyway, have a look.

And this is what I sent to my partner Suzi of justbeyou.

It was lovely to have a mini tea party and to know that internet friends were sharing teatime too!


Bonny said...

Gorgeous photos!
Glad you enjoyed the tea.
I love the little quilted coaster you sent to 'justbeyou'. I never thought to make anything.... hmmm, still learning about these swaps. But they ARE fun!!!!

One Crabapple said...

ooo-oooo !~

AND OOO-oooo !

I wish I was there at that tea party !

What nice treats you got too !

The photos came out great.

Love, S

ilr said...

Did you make that cute birdy thingy? I love it!