Friday, 27 April 2007

fab retro pinny and bangs

Hmm, I never look good in photos, or at least I never look like I think I look in my head, maybe this is as good as I get in real life!!

anyway, I wanted to show off this fantastic pinny that Anamama thrifted for me and gave me as part of an easter gift. Isn't it beautiful? I love it as a piece of clothing, but dont know if I quite have the gall to go out about town in it, I think the old ladies in town might give me some hard stares! I would like to alter it maybe to turn it into something i could wear, I will have to have a think. (any ideas???).

Here's a close up of the pinny fabric, it is black when its out of the sunshine.

Hey, I have a new haircut too, I have a fringe (or bangs, and isn't bangs just such a great word?)), though it is clipped up in this photo. Its the first fringe in 14 years, and not without good reason as it is very unruly and I either have to use straighteners or clip it back, or it ends up going like this:


...anyone else having flashbacks to those fringe trims that your Mum used to give you that always ended up being a bit short as you wouldnt sit still to let her cut it level, so she had to cut a bit more and a bit more, and it was wet, and when it dried it was so high above your eyebrows....

Oh, and contrary to the first pic I do have feet, just my trousers are long and my feet are bare , and yes that is yesterdays washing still on my line!


Bonny said...

That is a beautiful pinny! If you don't like the idea of wearing it as it is, why noy make a skirt out of it? Perhaps there's enough fabric left from the top part of the pinny and the straps to make a tie around belt for the skirt. Itwould be nice and light for the warmer days ahead!

Gina said...

Oh you are so adorable! Love the pinny : )

Mirre said...

I love that unruly fringe! The apron is lovely!

anamama said...

You look so cute in that photo! The fringe has taken years off you (not that there are many years in you). I'm glad you like the pinny and I'm looking forward to seeing if you can make it into something you can wear outside. Great idea!