Saturday, 16 June 2007

surprise mail and more sweet peas

More sweet peas from my neighbours garden, the rain this week has really made them flower, and I am under instruction to cut them so they will keep on coming!

Today I got exciting mail, unexpectedly. Mary Ann and Jo sent this fantastic heart shaped tea strainer as a thankyou for being a part of their You're my cuppa tea partyflickr group/swap a couple of months ago. It was good fun, we had a swap partner, sent them tea and other goodies, then on the agreed day we all got to enjoy the tea we had been sent 'together'! I see on the group page there is a midsummers tea party which I have missed sign-ups for, will have to keep a better eye out for the next one!!

Anyway, thankyou girls for having me on your swap, and thankyou for your surprise mail!


weirdbunny said...

How gorgeous is that tea strainer !

Anonymous said...

You're sooo welcome, Hannah! Thank you so very much for joining in our tea time's creative souls like you that made our tea group fabulous!

Lovin' all of your photos, creations and your sweet journal!!! Thanks so much for adding me on to your ever-so growing flickr pages too. Can't wait to see what you're up to next! xoxo Jo ;)