Sunday, 24 June 2007

a week of bears

A few days ago we went into cardiff to get Lucie a special bear made for her at the bear factory. (its just a glorified shop really, but hey its a fun way to spend birthday money). Both the other two got bears from the same place last year... remember these??? Her new bear is the third one in from the left in the top picture. (This post could end up with a lot of pics on, so you can see the bear being chosen and made over on flickr.) We did not choose any clothes for bear yet, I was going to make her a dress, and we did buy 2 ear-flowers and a ukulele, however Lucie will not allow the flowers to be worn, when I asked why she told me bear was a boy! I guess I wont bother with the dress then.

So, then yesterday we braved the great british summer weather we are having (think rain) and set out for the woods, with our teddies and friends, for a picnic. at first it was a bit wet, and the new shelter came into its own.

but after a bit the rain calmed to light spots, we moved to try to avoid the midges that were eating us alive (they followed) and eventually the rain stopped altogether.

We sang happy birthday with cake number 4 (see previous post for more cake!) And I can safely say I dont want to make another cake for a month thankyou.

Then we played (on the dry courtyard),

went for a walk,

played deep in the forest,

played some more

until it was time to go.

A fun day, well, (apart from a few moments of trouble with icing not behaving...) a fun week.


Locket Pocket said...

That is the most amazing cake - well done! I love the patchwork table cloth! Does the bear talk? We got some for my three a few years ago and I recorded messages for them that work when you squeeze their tummy, recently "Daisy" showed us how she got hers to talk - by jumping up and down on it!!!

Anonymous said...

That is one fabulous cake!!! Looks like you had such a good time.

Berber said...

That cake is sooo wonderful!

Amy said...

what a celebration! that cake is could do a stop animation tea party with the bears on top...that would be way cool :).

Juliann in WA said...

What wonderful pictures with those bright colored sweaters and dresses and the beautiful deep green of the woods.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...beautiful sights for evening eyes here...glad to have found you1

Ragged Roses said...

It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time! Cake looks great too!!! I remember taking one of my daughters to The Bear Factory for her bear, Daffodil. She loved the whole thing!
Kim x

African Kelli said...

Playing deep the in forest is pretty darn awesome... Looks like the setting of a fairy tale!

Liesl Gibson said...

Ok, HOW did you make that cake? It's amazing! Is it fondant?

Anonymous said...

those photos are amazing. what a beautiful day!