Wednesday, 10 October 2007

at last, the 7 things meme

I have been putting off blogging because nothing much has been happening here. I have also been tagged by Lucy Locket, and have been struggling to think of 7 serious things about me! Not that I have thought about it any more now really, but i must blog or you will think I am doing something more exciting, which I am afraid I am not!! Oh and last week I finished the shire horse square, so I thought I would show it here.

here we go then, 7 serious (kinda) things about me (ok, they arent really serious, but I guess they are true, so there we go)

1. I am really messy, I know everyone has said this, but I am. really REALLY messy

2. I am not very good at routine, following a schedule/timetable, or doing anything when I must do it. Some people call this rebelliousness, I like to consider myself free spirited/artistic!

3. a bit similar to the last one, but I am not good at doing repetative things like knitting something big, or at completing projects that take a long time. see for example my Grandmothers quilt (of which the shire horse is a block). I like doing one block, I can do one in 2 evenings, but then I dont feel like doing another block straight after. so, thats why things like that take me ages.

4. I am left-handed. When I was in Junior school I had a teacher who told me left-handed people were superior to right-handed people, that we were better at art and craft, and just generally better. I have never been able to fully shake this from my head.

5. I wish I lived somewhere pretty and sunny

6. at this point I can never think of any more things, isn't five enough, no?

7. I love collecting conkers, I drag my children out to get them, they don't mind, but I think I enjoy it more. I will leave you with the findings of a recent conker search.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Great horse and lovely conkers! Thanks for the 7 things! Lucy x

Cathy said...

Left handed people are the best! (I am one too). The horse square is really lovely - well done.
Cathy X

anamama said...

Lots of exciting stuff in your blog at the moment. I didn't look for a couple of days and now Lucie looks so changed with long hair!

weirdbunny said...

Oh Hannah, lets not forget what should have been no. 1 on your list, your always late ! ~ love Julia x