Monday, 1 October 2007

Julias desert Island plans, and a pig

Here first of all is a pig square, towards my ongoing quest to finish my Janet Bolton Grandmothers Quilt miniquilt. I dont like his spot, it is too dark, I might rip it out and replace with a lighter fabric, if I can be bothered. It is a longstanding UFO so i have become a bit fed up with it. not far to go now though, only a few more pieces to do.

Secondly, Julia suggested I should write a list of the things I would take on a desert island with me, as she did a few days ago on her blog, in fact she wanted me to tell her last night but I refused, I was still trying to think of them...

so here we are,
5 essential things

...a nice man (gonna get in trouble for this one) who can fetch and carry for me and do any hard work that comes up.
...a tent (what, I can carry it, or my man can)
...flint firelighters (never managed to get a magnifying glass to work for me)
...a knife

5 luxury things
...big box full of cake and chocolate
...nice quilt (comfy in day, cosy by night) pair of crocs
...My grandmothers quilt wip, see pig square above
...helicopter to get us out once we have had enough

eek, im gonna get told off!! Anyway, Julia wont be cross that I have broken her rules because she is too nice, imagine the lovely time we had last week when I visited her for the afternoon, heres a little peek...


Monkee Maker said...

Hi Hannah,

Thanks for your kind comment ..... I see Lucy tagged you too, *sigh* I'm rubbish at those things!

I also see that you've been having practice with your desert island list - I like the first one a lot ;) and that lovely afternoon "tea" (sure I saw an open bottle there!) looks divine.

weirdbunny said...

Oh Hannah that's my house ! Look how untidy my desk is ! Your so funny.

Oh and for the desert island list, why have a knife when you have an axe. Surely an axe can do everything a knife can.

Oh and your pig is adorable ... love Julia x

Ragged Roses said...

Looks like you had a great afternoon, wine, cakes and biscuits!! i love the pig! I would definitely include chocolate and cake on my desert island too!
Kim x

Cathy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the pig - it is so cute. Your essentials list made me laugh!
Cathy X

hannah said...

Julia, the knife is for cutting my cake, I can't be cutting nice cake with an axe can I ????

weirdbunny said...

Oh Hannah you'll never survive on a desert island if you can't hack cutting your cake with an axe ! Come on we are talking Robinson Crusoe life style here, or even Lord of the Flies criteria to survive ! Next time you come up the woodcutter will have to take you up the mountain foraging for food. Berries, mushrooms, rabbits you know the sort of things ready for your desert Island trip !

est said...

the pig patch is so cute!! the spot is alright for me!

Mirre said...

Looks like you've spent a really nice afternoon together :))

African Kelli said...

oooh, that pig square is wonderful! I can't wait to see the completed quilt!