Sunday, 6 January 2008

In full bloom

Happy New Year, I knew I would get round to blogging again sometime!! So, christmas has been and gone, quite hectic in parts, and tomorrow the children go back to school and we begin over again, another year.

I treated myself to these lovely tulips today, they were reduced, and a bargain at 75p for 10. As I climbed into the car with them and told my husband they were 75p, obviously pleased with myself, I saw the look he gave me, that my father and I used to give my mother on such occasions, and knew exactly how unimpressed they were, and yet now I could feel exactly how my mother felt, (Im sure) too. So there we go, 2008 and I am becoming more like my mother every day. Worrying.

I too am blooming, 25 weeks pregnant now, and suddenly I look very expecting, 3 weeks ago you could hardly tell, now I have a huge belly. Pregnancy gets less fun each time I do it, Im sure there should be some deal where you get less time for good behaviour or something. I am looking forward to the nice baby reward at the end.

Dont mention my big tummy though, I am a bit shirty about it, If you see me, tell me I look tiny!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Well I must admit how thin I thought you were looking lately!!! Enjoy the pregnancy as much as you can - although I agree, it gets harder the more children you already have! Lucy x

weirdbunny said...

Hannah I didn't realise tulips were in season ! Isn't that supposed to be spring ?!!!

hannah said...

christmas is over, spring is coming!!

African Kelli said...

Oh my! Congrats! So excited for you. I wish you and your growing family the very best in 2008!

Mirre said...

I was actually looking at my belly today and it looked smaller than before!! How weird is that?!
Perhaps the baby moved into another position?
Anyway, know that this fellow-pregnant girl is travelling on the same road with you :)