Friday, 18 January 2008

some late sharing

Blog etiquette seems to suggest it is still ok to show some christmas stuff in January. I have been waiting for a bright dry sunny day for nearly 2 months to take photos of a swap I received, and the weather just isn't playing. so here is a bit of the lovely swap I had from Bridie, I will put more pics on flickr. (check out the teensy ric-rac!).

This week Julia also finished and gave Lucie her fabric notebook, It is lovely and has been out with us on several trips already, 'drawing' relieves the boredom of sitting in a cafe with Mummy and her friends! I especially like how the vintage style fabric on the front of the book has a girl, and her back on the back, a coincidence Julia assures me, but a very happy one!

(will edit to include more links tomorrow when I have more energy!)


Juliann in WA said...

Looks like some fun stuff. I especially like the collection of Christmas stuff.

anamama said...

Lucky girls!