Sunday, 29 October 2006

another grey week

sorry I haven't been blogging, time has been flying by, its not even as if nothing has been happening, but it has been grey a lot, and rained a lot.

the photo isn't rain, it is the sea, it hasn't been raining quite that much, just almost.

Some nice things - Anamama and family came to visit last weekend and we enjoyed spending time with them, and I managed to forget to take any pictures, what has been going on with the photographing part of my brain recently??? I did have to do quite a lot of tidying up the week before. In fact now would be a good time to drop in, the house is still quite tidy, but dont wait until the end of this half-term week as it will be sure to be trashed again. The week before was also my Dads 60th birthday and we had an eventful train journey to have a lovely tea with him, lets just say it was long but worth it to share the day with him.

So, I haven't been making anything much recently, though there are lots of things I want to do and this blog is supposed to encourage me to get on with things. I need to stop thinking and start doing.

Must try to blog more and make more this week.


ilr said...

Nice of you to mention our visit! I looked at the pictures and they are dreadful and few. I feel stupid for not having taken more.

monica said...

There are enought 'must do' things in life and blogging should be a pleasure not a chore.. so if you feel 'grey' (or blue, if you're Joni Mitchell)... just 'grey it out'.

Sometimes it's good to just think.

African Kelli said...

We'll be here when you are ready. No worries! And that gray is still quite beautiful.

Mirre said...

Take your time... and then make something lovely :)

Lindsey said...

I posted a picture of a dull sea a few weeks ago. Life sometimes runs too fast and grey. Your blog is here for you and so you blog at own your pace :) Don't worry we will still be here.

Nice that you got to spend time with friends. Say hello to Julia - how is she doing? Hope your doing ok too!