Tuesday, 3 October 2006

stand still and I'll stick ya!

Ive never had a glue gun before, but after borrowing a friends recently, I realised my life wasn't complete. so I got one, and I must warn you, I am just looking for things to stick.

The photo is of new pins on my noticeboard/inspiration board that I have by my computer. You can click on the picture to make it bigger. it doesn't have much else on it yet but I am sure it will be full before long. I couldn't find any drawing pins (thumb tacks?? pushpins??) in the house at first, when I did find some they were very boring, so I glued some buttons on to make them look nicer.

I wanted to use more of my little retro buttons, the picture ones that I have been collecting recently, but it was difficult to remove the backs, I will have to find a good way of removing them.

The method I used was to hack off the back plastic loop with my rotary cutter held in a stabbing position, down onto the corner of the table without a cutting mat. I would not recommend this, as it is bad both for the ends of ones thumbs and for the table. ouch. so, when I find a better way (maybe pliers? - they are in the attic, will have to send hubby up) and my thumb heals up - I exaggerate heehee, I will do some more.

When I first started reading blogs, there was someone who used to make the most fantastic little pins for noticeboards, little characters that were really detailed, I am not sure what they were made of, maybe polymer clay?? does anyone know who this could be??? because I have tried to refind her blog, and cant, and we have had a new computer since so she isnt saved in my favourites anywhere. can anyone help?

anyway, more for the noticeboard,

I got this postcard from my parents who are on a cruise (spending our inheritance as they say) and it is going up, it's pretty cool, though I don't know what the front says. I am hoping to get a translation from my spanish sis-in-law soon.

I should stay on this subject (I was going to waffle off on a tangent then) so I will show you these, I bought this small book of Yoshitomo Nara postcards today, There are some cool pics, I like these two so far although I have only flicked through quickly.

anyway, Im off now to stick some more things, bring on the broken toys!


Anonymous said...

Hannah your going to ruin your rotary cutter !! cool board.

Jenn said...

too funny, we say the same exact thing about the parent's spending out inheritance!!
I can just picture you hacking away...it is amazine what can be done with a rotary cutter! (that shouldn't!)

Anonymous said...

At last I have figured it out. At the minute I can't see your pictures but if I click on them - they still load up - what great postcards. Glad to see someone else putting buttons to good use!

Well done on your parents - they have done all the hardwork so they should get to spend it! I can never understand children wanting their parents money etc - mind you my mum tells us to get our own as she has nothing he hee :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm another Brit doing the charm square swap so thought I'd pay a visit! I love the quilt - such a good idea to have it up at the window, your stuffy is sooo cute - I love her hair and outfit. Are the pins you are thinking about made with Shrinky Dinks? Hilary on Wee Wonderfuls had some pins like the ones you are descrbing a while ago, and they were made with putting pins into the shrinky dinks before baking them (if tis doesn't make sense, email me and I can explain!).