Thursday, 5 October 2006

exciting parcels!

kids pre-tea feast.

yesterday I had to walk to the other side of town to collect two parcels from the post office depot. One of them had nearly been delivered, but we were not in, and the other had a charge on it (stoopid customs charges). Anyway, I left happy (although nearly £8 down) with 2 yummy parcels to open.

I knew what was in the first one, fabric I had ordered from Ebay (US) with a customs charge too, which hurt as it was a lot more than the postage costs had been. Im sure you want to see:

Mostly Denyse Schmidt fleamarket fancy, with some other bits of other freespirit fabric too. hopefully to make some softies with, and to have a go at some childrens clothing.

The second parcel was even more exciting, all the way from Amity, my Red and Pink colourswap partner in the Netherlands. It came in a small but heavy box, and look what she packed in there for me!!

So many lovely things, please excuse the photos here and the variation of colour, it has rained terribly here today (I got soaked 3 times) and its really not the weather to bother getting a camera out.

You will notice that lots of the things have been opened, the chocolate didnt even make it home and the cone of sweets is not as full as it once was. in fact, the sweets at the top of this post are some of the cones contents (the half I saved for the kids lol!), and now they have all been scoffed too. I do have some very happy bouncy children to show for it though. The (drinking) tea has also been sampled, I dont know what it is but it's yum.

She sent some little beads that wouldnt photograph very well, and I shall have to photograph them again as they are beautiful. and take a closer look at this felted bag she made me, and these scrummy pencils.

So, I have been truly spoiled, thankyou Amity.

Edited 10.55pm (ps: not sure whats happening with blogger photos, but if you only have a blue square with a ? where the photos should be click on it and hopefully the pic should appear.)

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Lynne said...

What a wonderful surprise! I'm so happy you had a good ColorSwap experience! Thank you for participating.

Gina said...

Yummy! And the fabric too, I've got a couple of those, freespirit fan here too! Can't wait to see what you do with them! What an amazing red and pink parcel, I'm green : )

Lindsey said...

What lovely treats for a rainy day :)

krista said...

Wonderful packages - isn't it fun?
I hear you on the customs charges though, grrrrrrr, it's just not fair!
And you photos are just great, so much fun stuff to see here!

African Kelli said...

Well, if you have to pay for getting your mail, this was quite the day to do so! What great treats!!

ellia said...

what darling fabric... and such yummy candies.... looks like you got the perfect goodies to cheer any person up :D

Anonymous said...

I was appaled that you had to pay customs charges on top!!!!!!!

Poshyarns said...

What lovely packages, exchanges are such fun to take part in.

I love those fabrics, I have just been gazing lustfully at the Denyse Schmidt Flea Market quilt this very afternoon, I may have to indulge that lust sometime soon, those patterns look great.