Sunday, 8 October 2006

The best wedding cake ever

If I were having my time again, I think I would want a cake like this! Isn't it fantastic, it is by Mary Rose Young, who lives and works pretty close to here. Her house and studio is less than an hour away, in the Forest of Dean. I love her pottery and would own more of it if I could afford it (not that it is especially expensive, just that we are poor!). I think she is also more famous in the States then here, as she has many shops there.

We went to another wedding yesterday (seems like we have been to lots this year), this time of friends Danielle and Carl. It was a lovely wedding, the sun shone again, the hat came out again. oh and I got a picture taken of it this time.

Nobody said they wanted to see me in the hat! I think Esme models it very well.

We enjoyed catching up with friends at the wedding and being part of the wedding at the church, the large village church was totally packed with people, and the service had a great time of worship in the middle. Then we had drinks on the (slightly blustery and chilly) village green, complete with castle ruins, before moving onto the reception. The reception was at a farm in a large barn that had had hay bales, tractors and a 1951 Landrover in it up until last weekend!!

We were also childless for the reception, a rare occurrance indeed, as my lovely friend Rufi took on the children and allowed them to wreak havoc at her house for many hours (thankyou Rufi, you are brill!). It was nice to be able to go out just me and Andrew and be able to talk to friends and to each other uninterrupted.

So, another lovely day was had by all.

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