Sunday, 10 June 2007

my favourite (new) things

just look at these. lovely vintage pegs, my favourite thing that Julia bought me back from her hols. aren't they just the best things??? I am so pleased I think i am going to put them in a box so I can just look at them and touch them from time to time.

(I can just imagine my husband reading this in a sarcastic voice when he gets it on his reader, but I will ignore that!)

Here are all the things she bought me, I will put them on flickr with more notes if you want a closer look see. Some are for my birthday, which was a few weeks ago, and the red painted chicken toy is for lucie, but i have kindly offered to look after it in my high-up cabinet for her so it doesn't get broken. Lucie got a present as while in scotland, Julia officially became Godmother to my youngest daughter, a position she has of course always held unnofficially. Thanks Julia!!


Ali said...

Love your pink fabric!

hannah said...

the fabric was from Julia too. gorgeous isn't it!

kristy said...

Hi Hannah.
I love your blog. Love that elephant pocket, sooo cute.
Thanks for the lovely comments you left on my blog.
Have a great Day!

Thimbleanna said...

Hi Hannah,

I'm soooo envious -- you live in South Wales!!! I've only visited for 2 days, but loved it and really want to return. We had great fun visiting The Big Pit -- our ancestors were miners that moved to the US in the mid 80's, so we had to see where they came from. And thanks for your comments about my pink shirt. I think sewing adult clothing is easier than kids 'cause everything is bigger (cuffs, armholes, etc.) -- if you can sew that darling little elephant jumper, you can easily make adult shirts!

Locket Pocket said...

Hi Hannah - what a lovely horde of goodies! I love the Russian doll needle holder - what a good idea! Lucy

Ragged Roses said...

Hello, thanks for visiting. Those pegs look wonderful, I think I would keep them somewhere special too! Lucky you, you got some lovely pressies!
Kim x

weirdbunny said...

So glad you like the stuff I got you !!! - love Julia x (Now offical Godmother of Lucie !)

Nicky said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Hannah, i am glad i found yours it looks lovely and i look forward to visiting again!

Juliann in WA said...

Those pins are lovely. They would look pretty strung across a pretty ribbon too. I don't have a flickr account for my Noah blocks but I will look into it. Can't be too hard, right?

AC said...

what a lot of goodies.
Alison x