Monday, 18 June 2007


It is all so exciting when you wake up (with big hair) to the sounds of your big brother and sister singing Happy birthday to you, and then you have to open all your presents before they 'help' too quickly and do it for you, sometimes you just need to lie down and enjoy the moment, paper, toys and all!!!

Two today, Lucie enjoyed her first birthday cake yesterday with Nanna and Grandpa, who we met up with for Fathers Day. (no battery in my camera so I am awaiting photos by email, they may be some time!!)

The second cake at Ti a Fi this afternoon (we spent the morning cooking, melting and icing various cakes!) with friends (a four-storey-high chocolate crispy cake mountain).

third cake for tea at home, a mushroom fairy house.

And fourth cake still to come next Saturday at her teddy bears picnic party.

Lucky she is a girl after my own heart regarding cake isn't it???


Berber said...

Happy birthday, Lucie!
Enjoy all your cakes!

Gina said...

What a fun description! The cake, oh my gosh!!!! Love it. Happy birthday little one : )

Anonymous said...

What lovely cake sorry cakes. What a lucky girl! Happy birthday Lucie :)

ps. love the vintage pegs!

Anonymous said...

sorry am a bit late - Happy Birthday Lucie for yesterday

weirdbunny said...

Hannah that's the best birthday cake ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your so full of talent....

And Lucie have a wonderful birthday - love Julia x

anamama said...

Amaaaaaaaaaaazing cake! What a lucky girl. Happy birthday lucie!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Lucie ~ just realised there are three of us atleast on here that have 2 year old June babies.
My wee man, Murray 24th June
Lucie 18th June
Pebble (victoria's) 13th I think ~ correct me if I'm wrong anyone.
Here's to the terrible two's!