Sunday, 25 November 2007


Last weekend was very exciting! My sister in Law flew over from Northern Ireland, and on the saturday we caught the train to London for a weekend away. It was the first time I have ever left the children overnight, (they were with their Daddy) and it was really nice.

We spent Saturday afternoon walking around Marylebone High Street (funny video I just found), a great place to spend a few hours. We had lunch at Eat and Two Veg, which again I can recommend.

Early evening we braved the short but very busy walk along part of Oxford street and round to Liberty, where we browsed fabric and trimmings and buttons, before stumbling into their cafe for coffee and cake. We did have to put up with some most disappointing lemon cupcakes, they were solid and heavy and could probably have done some damage if thrown at a wall, which is all they were good for. It was nice to sit down though!

We stayed at Jurys in Islington overnight, then on Sunday we went to the Country Living Christmas fair. We met up with another Sister in law, and had a lovely day the three of us walking around the stalls, mostly browsing. One of my favourite stands had to be Made in Hastings, it looked beautiful and had so many nice things for sale. The fair closed at 3pm as it was the last day, and we JUST got round in time!

We had time for a quick meal in Wagamamas before it was time to head back for our train. We did have to spend longer than planned on Paddington station, due to a last minute platform change on the train we were supposed to get on, but our wait was eased by KrispyKreme donuts.

It has taken me all week to recover, I think, but we must do it all again soon!


Locket Pocket said...

I'm glad you had fun Hannah. I went to the Country Living Christmas Show with friends a few years ago and loved it. I haven't been able to justify the expense of going with them the last couple of years (although if I didn't spend so much on fabrics the rest of the time I could probably afford it!) but hopefully will go again one day/year soon!

weirdbunny said...

Oh Hannah I hop that you have brought me back one of those tamburines, with the dog painted on the fron t!

est said...

the place is so lovely!!

anamama said...

KrispyKrem donuts? You naughty girls!

Livvy and Me said...

So sorry we missed you in Marylebone, but glad you liked it. We had the weekend off to hit the Country Living fair too! We have a stand there in Spring so wanted to get some idea of what our space will look like and what we need to do - now panicking!! Sounds as though you had a lovely weekend, what a treat! Jennifer