Friday, 30 November 2007


Today started out interestingly. All week I have had a nasty cold/flu-y thing, and I am just getting over it. Anyway, Esme has come down with it too, so I had decided not to send her to school today. We still had to walk down the hill in the wind and rain though, to take Laurie to school and Lucie to Meithrin. When we arrived at school his teacher came round the corner of the yard, surrounded with children. 'No school today' she told us, 'the classrooms have flooded!!'. (at this point I am wishing I had stayed in bed) Luckily a friend offers to walk Lucie round to Meithrin and another offers to collect her later. So we walk back up the hill, with one sick child and one sad-not-to-be-at-school energetic one.

Things went well after that though, the children played happily together, and because I didnt have the littlest one around I was pottering around and decided to get out my sewing machine for some projects I have ongoing. Now, they are ongoing because my machine needs a service, and only works when it feels like it. When it doesnt feel like it the bit under the foot doesnt feed through, and it is disasterous and tangly. Today though, it chose to work!!! Hurrah!

So, all in all the day turned out pretty good. The childrens birthday projects up top begun and finished, and this little project for my friend Julia nearly completed (its a surprise, thus the vague and dodgy photo!), just needs a little bit of hand finishing...and only a month late for her birthday!!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Sounds like an interesting day!!! The teaser photos look intriguing - can't wait to see what they are, I hope you will post full pictures once they have been received! Hope you are all feeling better today! Lucy x

weirdbunny said...

Oh Hannah can't wait to receive my present from you ! (And about time too !!!!! )