Friday, 12 May 2006

shopping fun

I have had a good week shopping wise, I finally treated myself to this, the Garland by Tord Boontje, It is intended to be twisted around a lightbulb, but we only have candlelight in our sitting room, so I have draped it around the candlabra. It looks really pretty as it catches the warm light of the candles.

We have also been to Ikea twice, yes, twice!! There has been a deal on all week where whatever you spend in the restaurant gets deducted from your purchases in the shop - so a free meal!! We needed a spare slipcover for our sofa, so that was tuesdays purchase, and then today we returned for coat hooks and a shoe-storage bench. Unfortunately they are reorganising the warehouse, so everything was in completely different places to where it should be, we eventually found the bench, not in aisle 17 but in 21, by walking around reading the sides of boxes, but we shall have to return again for the elusive coat hooks. Now for the flat-pack challenge!


katie said...

hello - I happened upon your blog via weirdbunny - I have exactly that same candalabra over my kitchen table and hang it with christmas decorations each year - then easter ones and for the rest of the year - anything that looks nice - I'll enjoy reading the rest of your blog now!
happy day

anamama said...

It looks sooooooooooooooo beautiful! Much better than mine on top of the fridge. Must find it a new home after having seen what you've done with yours. I love it.