Monday, 1 May 2006

All the rest was on the beach

That more or less sums up this last post about our time away. We had such fantastic weather we were able to be on the beach loads. The beaches were not really close (like walking distance) but the nearest was only a short car journey away. We usually seemed to end up by the sea at tea-time (surely a ploy to eat chip-shop chips, which always taste better in the sea air) and all the children love the sand and sea, playing at drawing with a stick or searching for pretty shells and pebbles.

Thankfully Lucie wasn't too interested in eating the beach, she was happy to poke around in the sand like the others. To show how good the weather was, this photo must have been taken after 7pm and it was still bright and warm, not bad for April in England!!!

While we were away I also took some photos of some orange stuff for project spectrums april theme of orange and yellow. I should really have made something crafty but it has been such a busy month. I was lucky as the place we were staying had a major orange colour scheme going on (in a good way!).

The tiles in the kitchen with a reflection of outside, and a nice close-up of the rug from the master bedroom.

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weirdbunny said...

how lovely to be on a deserted beach, the children look so happy. The sea air is always so revitalizing. Glad they had fun.