Sunday, 30 April 2006

Ana and the Strange bunny

So, to give you a break from my holiday and because I have my photos from Easter back now (remember, they were trapped in the camera while the lead went awol) Here is our beautiful niece Ana.

And here she is with Lucie, we had to take about 50 photos to try to get one where neither of them is actually blurred and moving and this one was actually one of the best!!!!

And this is the rather scary freak bunny rabbit I made her for our visit, I am quite frightened by it still, although I do think she may have a certain charm. I got to the pattern by combining and altering several patterns from a recent Japanese craft book purchase, I think I can safely say she is now my own design (frankenstein perhaps!) I even took a previous Bunny I had made for Lucie to swap if Isabel was too freaked out to keep her. She says she likes her though. Bunny has a name, though I have now forgotten it. (I must ask what it is)

Ana likes her and thinks her ears taste nice.


weirdbunny said...
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weirdbunny said...

Its so good to have you back. love the bunny!!!

Mirre said...

It sounds like you've had a lovely break!
I really like your bunny; I don't think it's freaky at all!

Amy said...

Those little skirts on the girls are killing me! So cute!! And I think your bunny is wonderful; seems like she's very popular amongst the kids too.