Saturday, 1 April 2006

quick, craft for sanity!

I found this flickr pool today on my ramblings, the quick crafts for sanity pool - what a fantastic idea. It definitely struck a chord with me, often making things is all that keeps me sane I think. My favourite thing so far I think is the fabric concentration game by happythings, I want to make one rightaway!

Another quick craft idea I found today is for mini sock bunnies which should be added to the flickr pool, in my humble opinion, and I will tell her as much!! I went straight to my odd sock collection (which is extensive) and made this.

What fun, and super-fast. It is funny that it is a sock rabbit, as I visited My house is cuter than yours' blog following a comment she left 8 months ago on my flickr pages about my sock monkey.

She had asked if I had a blog, and then I didn't, but now I do!!!


my house is cuter than yours said...

hey there! just joined that group and submitted the lil' sock rabbit idea! Thanks for letting me know about it! Your lil' guy turned quite cute! Glad you enjoyed making him! and so happy to get to see your blog!

flanthrower said...

love the new banner! And of course the sock bunny is darling. I will have to look for some stray socks now.

Amy said...

Oh my, that is a clever idea for the stray sock situation. I tend to throw out the odd boys and mens socks but I keep my cute ones in hopes that their mates will one day return.

By the way, your Sweet Pea swap package will be in the mail on Monday!