Tuesday, 11 April 2006

fantastic Sweet Pea swap arrived!

The parcel I have been waiting for all week has arrived!!! Look at all the lovely things Amy sent me (please excuse the night time photos but I couldn't wait!

She sent me loads of lovely patterned ribbon, and patterned ribbon is so hard to find in my part of the UK, some papers and some tags that look hand-dyed, paper punches, random pages from old books (ripped out - naughty girl!) loads of stuff.

And were you wondering what was in those boxes?? (I know I was)

Tape measure and 'journey' ribbon trim and chocolate eggs for me, and mini m&ms for the children. We were all so excited to open them, and there was more chocolate than that but of course we had to eat some before the camera had a chance.
this is the 'before' pic of my box.

We had agreed to do a mini swap for the children because we have similar age children, so as well as the chocolates she sent these great books. I love the picture on the front of the Princess and the Pea book, what a fantastic bed.

And it was all packaged so nicely, from the little boxes to the reels of ribbon finished with string and beads. You did remember to put a notelet in too Amy. Thankyou so much, I love it all and I love swaps, what a wonderful blog-world it is!


Amy said...

Hannah, I am so glad everything is to your liking! My package arrived yesterday afternoon and I am just floored by it all!! Thanks so much!

ilr said...

You lucky girl!

weirdbunny said...

Sweets as well as ribbon and paper!!!

Snowbear said...

Amy is a great gift giver-one of the best and presentation is always over the top! She's the best! Enjoy!