Saturday, 29 April 2006

Bridgewater and Glastonbury

After leaving Bath, we travelled down to Chedzoy in Somerset where we had booked a last minute (2 days before) holiday self catering, staying in a converted Barn. It was a lovely place when we got there, quite modern and brand new looking and I hoped the children would not crayon on the clean white walls, luckily there was a large climbing frame with various swings and a slide in the courtyard to keep them amused.

On Monday we drove into Bridgewater, the nearest town, to get our bearings. We only had 50p to put in the parking meter and after I was so glad, as the place is a dive (sorry if you live there!) and the hour was more than enough. The towns one redeeming feature was its £1 shop, where I bought the fab mint poppets above, a personal favourite, but not normally in such funky packaging. I also got a few bits for Lauries upcoming birthday party.

We then headed off to Glastonbury, for those of you who dont know, it is a small but crazy hippy town as well as a big ole rock festival. We ventured up Glastonbury tor

which was suitably misty and mystical looking

I love the litchen and the graffitti ancient and modern that people have etched into the walls

and a few more shots I like


weirdbunny said...

Love that path photo. The name bridgwater conjures up a wonderful looking place in my mind. Maybe because it's word association in my mind with Emma Bridgewater and her lovely pottery.

ilr said...

I totally agree with weirdbunny. I love all these photos