Friday, 21 April 2006

catastrophe of the missing lead

No pics, and no posts for a few days (again!!) the reason this time being I have lost my camera lead somewhere between here and Southsea. Well, it could be in one of the bags I have yet to unpack, I will have to have a big old look.

In the meantime, all my photographs are trapped in my camera and can't escape.

And tomorrow we are off again, we are going to the Janet Bolton workshop in Bath (royal 'we' there, as it is just me)(so exciting!) and then we are going to spend the rest of the week in that general area as Andrew is off work on annual leave. We only booked it this afternoon but the place looks really nice, we are all excited. So I have to get those bags unpacked and packed up again quick.

Also, we took the cat to the cattery today (phew, they had last minute spaces) and the farm where she is staying has lots of new lambs. The lady there told us she is hand-feeding 5 this year, and that next week when we collect the cat the children can help with giving the bottles!! How much fun will that be??! We were talking about the markings on the sheep, the coloured dyes and what they were for, and we were intrigued by the black spot, for bad mothers who dont take care of their lambs, dont feed them, look after them etc. you can guess where they get taken. Interesting we thought.

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