Sunday, 9 April 2006

A day on the canal

Yesterday we had a fabulous time on our friends narrowboat down on the waterways around Devizes. The day was crisp and sunny as you can see in the photographs. This watering can was painted by our friend, she is just learning the techniques of canal boat art but I am very impressed by what she has done so far, here and on other parts of the boat itself.

We went down for the day to take part in a sponsored walk our friends Roy and Maggs have organised to raise money for Mercy ships. Our friends daughter and their niece are working on these ships, and they do a lot of good work around the world.

We all walked on the towpath alongside the boat for the morning, then in the afternoon the children and myself got to ride up front on the boat while the walkers continued their distance for the day.

This swan seemed a bit cross at our presence and swam alongside us for quite a while, we wondered if he might be guarding a nest. He could swim very fast until eventually he got distracted by some bread thrown by captain of the ship!!

We all had a great time and the children really enjoyed the day. In the evening we planned to come home via my parents house, as my Aunt and Uncle were visiting and we don't get to see them often as they live a long way away. We were so tired that we ended up staying there for the night unplanned. The children enjoyed the novelty of sleeping in their clothes and we had a lovely time with our relatives before returning home this afternoon. I will leave you now with a photograph of the children enjoying the boat ride.

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Mirre said...

Hi there,

I just discovered your blog and really enjoyed reading through your posts!
Your photos of the canalboat look so familiar... we've twice been on holiday on one. It was fantastic! Seeing these photos brings back happy memories!

I'll stop by again :)