Sunday, 16 April 2006

Easter Sunday

I am so far behind with my blog posts, but bear with me, as I will hopefully catch up again soon.

Anyway, Happy Easter, we had a great day, beginning with an early morning (mid morning - you guessed it) trip to the park, we ate a lovely lunch outdoors in the garden, as it was really mild and sunny. We made chocolate crispy cake nests with the childreni n the afternoon then later had an easter egg hunt.

We had a great high-tea, consisting of chocolate brownies, crispy cake nests with mini-eggs, homemade american pancakes and chocolate sauce (yes more chocolate) and fresh coffee. mmmm there was also cheese and bagels for those who couldnt cope with a purely sweet mealtime.

everyone took part in the easter egg hunt

some of the eggs were very well hidden!!

we laughed a lot at this!

Examining all the easter bounty

Easter blessings to you all xxx


weirdbunny said...

yummy, chocolate heaven, you can just see esme's look of delight underneath that beautiful mop of blonde curly wirly locks. Glad you all had such a nice easter!

flanthrower said...

What fun! I love all the pastel colored buckets.