Friday, 7 April 2006

cakes and lush gabriella miller teasets

In a minute I am going to show you my cakes I made, but because they aren't that good, I thought first I would distract you with some lovely crockery. I recently came across Gabriella Miller and so I thought I would share her work with you. I do not own any yet, although I so want some (hint to husband, my birthday is approaching!!)

My favourite is the fairies pattern, I love anything fairy and woodland and the pattern is so intricate, look:

I also like hippy, many people will tell you I am a big old hippy, and its true.

And I am drawn also in my eclectic way to the simpler designs, like this one.

She also does some really cute childrens designs, look at her drop-down lists for more.

Ok, now I have distracted you, here are my cakes. they turned out a little uneven, but hey, they were for under-5's, who are easily swayed by lurid icing, hundreds and thousands and chocolate chip cake inside!

I tasted one (or two) and they tasted yummy.


ellia said...

yummy yummy!!!!! they look so darn yummy :D

flanthrower said...

can't tell they're uneven at all. And with all that pretty frosting and sprinkles I doubt anyone (let alone 5 yos) will mind!