Monday, 10 April 2006

A sunny day

Spent the day over at my friends house with all the kids playing in the garden. They had a fantastic time making dens, trampolining, drawing, looking at the chickens and rabbits and ducks, and taking the neighbours dog back home across the mountain (twice!). Here is one of her chickens, my children are a bit afraid of them, but I think they sort of like them too in a funny way.

I helped my friend to set up a crafty blog while I was there, so she will hitherto be known as weird bunny, go over and visit her!! She is named after one of her latest creations (a softie, not real-life!!) and I am looking forward to having her here in blogland with us!! Also, she gave me a lovely bundle of pressies while I was there, she made me this lovely new bag

and this little chicken in my favourite colours epecially. The fancy egg is a biscuit, which I have just had to eat after photographing!!

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