Wednesday, 5 April 2006

can we really put up with 30 days of photographs like this??

So I was wandering around my garden looking for something to photograph, as I am going to try and do 30 days of photographs alongside my sister-in-law Isabel. Anyway there's not much growing in my garden, I found these tiny white flowers, like forget-me-nots but even smaller and white (yes, they are probably weeds but I do not discriminate, if it's growing it's welcome) Then I saw some daisies on the lawn, they looked pretty, but then the baby distracted me for a few minutes. When I had deposited her in the swing I returned, and tried to take my picture. Look what happened,

My 2 year old son kicked his ball right onto the daisies as I pressed the button. It wouldn't have been a great photo anyway, as the sun had gone in and caused the daisies to close a bit, but what a great shot by the boy - and what a disasterous shot by me!

So, dont hold your breath for good photographs is all I will say! I will be posting them onto my flickr site, (oh, there's a flickr pool too) and on here on the days I think they are blogworthy.

Oh, and for all you voyeuristic blog readers out there, peeping over the hedge my neighbour has much more in his garden worth looking at, and check out the cool shadows made by the washing on the far wall. (yes, those are shadows not the washing itself. )

Anyhow, I must go, I have cakes to bake for the school cake sale tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I like the photo! Good practice for the 30 day challenge. Love, Isabel

John Koontz said...

Thanks for joining the challenge! Send me a note if you would like to be added to the project page.