Tuesday, 4 April 2006

More Easter stuff

This is our second easter tree, more of a spring tree really, as it is covered with paper butterflies, dragonflies and flowers. I stole the flower idea from my friends daughter (her of the birthday party fame). They are made by cutting circles of paper using pinking shears and glueing them on top of each other so the circles get smaller and smaller. I used some paper and thin card that I had, and some odd bits of wrapping paper to add some pattern. I think she saw the idea on T.V. They look really pretty, it doesnt show too well on the photograph unfortunately, but this was the best from several failed photo sessions.

The children helped me glue the flowers, and also coloured and decorated the butterflies, which are die-cut shapes I bought really cheaply when we were in North Wales. As you can see, my sock bunny has taken up residency here too.


I have probably ruined my pinking shears, and they are expensive sharp ones for cutting fabric with and when I paid £28 for them last year I did promise myself I would never use them to cut paper, but you see, the crinkly paper scissors had gone missing, and you know when you need to do something straight away...


Amy said...

I don't know, I use my good Fiskars pinking shears far more than I should on paper and they seem to be hanging in there. Love the new tree and especially the shot with the little bunny peeking out of the branches.

hannah said...

Aah, these are Fiskars ones as well, so hopefully they will still be good then!