Sunday, 2 April 2006

grape and cherry flavour

This is a photograph of one of the last bits of my candy swap! I have eaten everything else, all the chocolate etc. I would always pick chocolate over sweeties, but American sweets are far superior than british for one reason, there are grape and cherry flavours!!!! These are starburst jellybeans, I dont know if we have them over here, we have starburst chews, but I haven't noticed jellybeans, though they may be out there.

My issue is in the UK sweets 'rules', purple equals blackcurrant, red equals strawberry, and that is it.

why? give us grape, give us cherry, please!!!

They are both curious and delicious.


Amy said...

I wish I'd known! I would have sent along a fresh package. Next time!

jen said...
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jen said...

We in the States - and I'm actually only speaking for my own relatively sheltered experience - wouldn't know a blackcurrant if we fell over one. We assume grape and cherry for purple and red, respectively. Strawberry is usually pink in American candy, not red. Green, however, is tricky. Usually, green means lime; however, it can also be watermelon, or mint, or even, in the case of Jelly Belly's, jalepeno. Eewwww... I therefore avoid all green candy on principle.

*note: I deleted this to correct a typo, and reposted.