Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Textile art find

Yesterday while we were out I couldnt resist going for a quick look around Craft in the Bay. I found these lovely textile ribbon flowers by Kara Smith, not much about her online and I have not heard of her work before, but it is all beautiful. I had to buy these two small pieces, a hair clip and bobble, although I wanted the necklace(but not in the colours they had left), and the neckpiece is a definite need for the summer wedding I have coming up. I will be back, craft in the bay!!

And while I was just taking these pictures in my kitchen, the best place for nighttime photography, by the way, I knocked my foil off the worktop, catching one end as it fell, so it unravelled in my hands (but luckily was saved from the fate of the floor - just!!), But look what I created, foil art, no???


Berber said...

Well, I like yours, but the the flowers are even prettier ;))))))

weirdbunny said...

Sorry hannah, I'm not fussed on the flowers, for a wedding they are good though. Everyday use I'd probably go with the foil ones!!!!!!!!

hannah said...

the flowers probably look a lot more quirky andunusual in real life thn they have come out in the photographs, its hard to do this sort of thing justice I think.