Saturday, 22 July 2006

childrens festival

Today we went to the Cardiff childrens festival. this is a part of the larger Cardiff festival which has lots of things happening over the next few weeks. It was pretty fun, of course we didnt get there until halfway through the day, and there was a lot there so we could have made a full day of it, but you never know with this sort of thing. (and sometimes they charge for everything and it costs a fortune!!)

We saw some shows, we liked the one in the first picture above, it was funny and they had some great props/set, very clever, but unfortunately cant remember what they were called.

We also saw the Sheep Show, on the back of a big lorry with celebrity sheep, each sheep was a different breed (some common, some rare) so it was part educational, as the bloke talked about the breeds in an interesting way, then he sheared a sheep and showed us the fleece, we even got a little bit to take home.

I did consider asking if I could take the whole fleece home and offering it for swaps on here, but I chickened out!!

The children made a butterfly (Esme) and a mask (Laurie) but unfortunately the pics I took were rubbish as it was getting late and the kids were tired and uncooperative, but I am sure you can imagine the sort of thing. nice fun day anyway.

hmm, and after that, not so fun, I had to go to the supermarket shopping for party food for Esmes party tomorrow. uurgh. I tried listening to podcasts on my way round, but the crafty goodness of Denyse Schmidt (craftsanity (9) kept distracting me from the matter in hand so I had to turn it off!

About the bags I made for the teachers, I was asked if I used a pattern, yes I did, I bought a bag kit at Malvern quilting show in May from a Japanese quilting stall, and used the pattern from that. it is nice and simple, it has a shaped bottom (lucky thing!) and is lined in the same fabric as the main part of the front (the green). I got the fabric from a local fabric discount shop bargain bins - £1 a metre!
It says it is 'san remo' of prestigious design if that means anything to anyone.

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Anonymous said...

hey, I was at the Malvern Festival and I know exactly which Japanese stall had all the bags... how spooky. We might have passed each other like ships in the night!

The day in Cardiff looked like fun.